Are you interested in buying a hook for your Franchi Spas 12?

Yes? Then you are on the right website!

Why I do this: Many of Franchis Spas 12-shotguns came along with metal-hooks on the end of the collapsible stock. They are used as a carrying handle and also to shoot the gun in various positions. Over the years (production ended in 2000) some hooks got lost, others got really worn off. It is nearly impossible to get a hook for the Franchi Spas 12 in good condition without buying a whole Spas 12. If you consider to buy an original Franchi Spas 12 hook, you should be ready to spend at least 300 bucks for just the metal hook alone. And you should reckon to be disappointed about the condition of it. I bought two original hooks and spent half a grand on it and I got disappointed twice. They were not in the condition I wanted to have. So I decided to reproduce some hooks.

Thank you! I am happy that I received some messages from supporters and many emails from interested people already. So I am gladly looking in the future of the project.

I really try to do my best to make a perfect 1:1 copy of the hook for everybody who is looking for one. So far, the expected product features are:

Support the project! If you have original rubberplugs, please let me know! I trade (discount on) hooks for plugs!

Be informed! To stay informed about updates, simply enter your email adress below! I promise your email adress will only be used to contact you concerning the Franchi Spas 12 hook replicas. I wont give it to third parties.

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If you have questions or want to order a hook, feel free to contact me at

Project update 2015-09-01

Yesterday I received the first two samples of the hook. There are a few open issues regarding the surface and the radius, which I already told the company. So it is time to wait again.

Project update 2015-07-28

I currently wait for the first sample of the hook. The company told me it will take around two weeks to configure everything for production (that was last week). I am already very excited to see it and to present it here on After I checked the sample the production of the other pieces will start (if everything is ok).

Project update 2015-07-01

Today I sent the hook to the metalworker. Now I wait for the hooks!

Project update 2015-06-27

I received a good quote from a new metalworker. In the upcoming week, I will send my original hook to the company and they will make the new hooks. As color I determined that it should be the same color as the color of the folding stock. They say it is all possible to make and it will take around four to eight weeks till they can produce and deliver it. So maybe in August/September 2015 I will be able to supply you with some hooks. YAY!!!!

Project update 2015-03-07

This week I received 20 original rubber plugs from an italian supporter of the project! This means the first 20 hooks will become a really perfect copy of the original.

I will get in touch with the metalworker soon and ask him about the color and if his offer is still the same.

BTW: 14 hooks are already on my reservation list.

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Fake hooks sold as original hooks?

I risked it and bought one of the "black hooks". Look at the comparing pictures here.